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M151 Jeep Buyers Guide

Face it, Jeeps have to be some of the coolest vehicles on the planet! They have served their country as military workhorses and enjoyed civilian life as daily drivers. Slam it into four wheel drive, lock the hubs and you can go just about anywhere. While the newer jeeps are pretty, the older ones that [...]

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Early Army Jeeps and the M151

Jeep: Funny name serious vehicle. The origins and rise of the Jeep from its early days as a military vehicle to today’s use as a major brand of SUV follow a path through history making events in the twentieth century. Today, Jeeps have a wide fan base with people from a variety of backgrounds. What [...]

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Surplus Vehicle Guide

When the military vehicles are phased out or substituted after a particular time period then these vehicles are available for the ordinary citizens of the country, for sale through auctions by the government institutions. It is really popular nowadays to purchase the strong and wonderful looking vehicles. The military has a huge collection of vehicles [...]

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Military Surplus Vehicles

The military surplus vehicles are jeeps, trucks and cars which were at some point of time being used by the military before they were available for the common people in auctions live or online. The military vehicles have actually reached to the mass chiefly through internet. The military vehicles are having incredible power to receive [...]

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Want to Buy a Used Jeep?

Are you sure you really want a used Jeep? Let me see…have you ever driven a Jeep? If so, was it a Wrangler, a CJ, a Cherokee, Jeep truck or one of many other varieties from a long history of unique Jeep vehicles? I have driven Jeeps for many years, and I can honestly say [...]

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