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M151A2 military vehicle(MUTT), two vehicles, both uncut

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This sale is for two M151A2 1/4 ton military trucks. Both vehicles are uncut. PRICE $11,500 FOR ALL Vehicle 1 has suspension, steering, front and rear axles, fuel tank and parts. engine, transmission, transfer case, pedals, misc. other parts and nuts and bolts(which I cleaned). It has been sand blasted and primed. Vehicle 2 is almost complete minus front and rear turn signal lights, pintle hook, seat cushions, soft top. Both chassis have holes in the battery box. NOS parts purchased by me, not installed include: steering wheel, shift knobs, complete wiring harness, panel to replace battery box floor, intake and exhaust manifolds, engine mounts, radiator hoses, grille, exhaust tip extension, Extra parts include: third engine, transmission and final drive(all rusted), grille with headlights, pintle hook, top frame, radiator, exhaust pipes, front turn signal lights, a hard top with doors, air filter housing, distributor, rear seat cushions, 7 wheels. There is only one hood, one windshield and frame, one set of seat frames, one ROPS, one top frame, one carburetor and probably a few other pieces which I have not detected as there are loose parts in a box.Titles: Vehicle One has been registered in Texas as it has a TX registration number. Vehicle Two is unknown so will be issued with a Bill of Sale. Shipping: A company in Houston can transport both at one time.
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