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Jeep M151A1 M151A2 Rust Repair kit Large, Under body NOS KIT #4

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This is an original as found Under Body rust repair kit for the M151A2, M151A1, and M151. We just purchased the inventory from a very large and old surplus yard and found several of these very hard to find originals. This is a complete kit for your M151A2 or M151A1. This we had to unpack out of all the original and rotted packaging. There is some surface rust where the packaging has been damp. This particular kit is #4 and has a little surface rust but nothing damaging. We have repackaged this in quite a bit smaller package than the original to save you a ton on shipping and waste. QTM Parts NOTE: This looks to have been made for the M151A2 but will work with the M151 and M151A1 with a little modification to the rear pieces or out riggers.
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