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Jeep Military M151A2 CUCV Duce 383 “CARC” or 34094 flat green 1 gallon

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This is a very high quality and very correct gallon of 34094 Flat Green paint. This is commonly referred to as 383 CARC green. This color showed up in the very early 70′s and is still in use currently. This is a CARC substitute since the original paint had very dangerous materials used in production. This paint is oil based enamel. This is very common on the 2 1/2 and five ton trucks as well as the M880, CUCV, M151A2, and Hummers. The trailer in the picture is very weathered original CARC. This is also used as the base color on the three color camo patterns. This is US Made and is the super high quality Gillespie Coatings brand. This is the correct shade of 34094 and not some off brand industrial paint that some guy has had mixed up just to sell on ebay or his web sight. This is the top of the line and the paint all the serious collectors and the US Military Museum systems use. Just ask any of the serious collectors or military vehicle restorers about the Gillespie Brand. Ok, I tried to take a picture of our sample chip and that is really the best I can do to show you the color. We do combine shipping. QTM Parts. Sorry Over seas buyers. This can not and will not be shipped overseas by us. This can only go to the 48 lower states. . Remember this is old school single stage enamel. This does not need hardener or any additives. If you start adding things you will loose the flat quality of the paint. This will need to be mixed thoroughly and or shaken up before each use. Failure to do so will cause the paint to have a sheen. I can get a complete jeep frame axles and all and about half the tub with one gallon depending on how many coats I use. Remember everyone paints differently so there is no real formula on how exact your coverage will be with a single gallon. I personally use two gallons and 12 spray cans for a jeep restoration and will have a little left over. We do combine shipping but paint gallons will only be shipped in single, double, and fours. If you buy three you will get a double box and a single box. Paint can not be combine with anything else. If you are wanting to combine shipping with other items in out E-Bay store here is how to do it. Just remember Paint and some large or fragile items can’t be combined.
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