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Jeep Willys M38 M38A1 M151 M37 24 volt Coil

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This is a brand new 24 volt coil. This will fit the M38, M38A1, M170, M151 series jeeps, M715, M37, and many other 24 volt military trucks. We have been using these on our M-series builds and have had really good service from them. I don’t sell something that I don’t use myself. We have sold well over 300 of these plus we are very reasonably priced. These are electrical items and we do not take returns if you melt one down or fry one from incorrect wiring, incorrect instillation, or you leave the switch on which is normally the reason. QTM Parts Note: Our source for these claims they are US contract over runs. They come boxed in a bulk with part numbers and such on the box. I have used the China ones and the past and these are way heavier and work much better. I can’t claim for sure where these are made or if they are actually US contract but I have had really good service from them. There are no part numbers on the coils. Paint and some large or fragile items can’t be combined.
Click Here to Buy this M151A2 Part on eBay!

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